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So being a small time developer, I have looked everywhere this morning to get some kind of description of deployment now that runtimes are gone in Huh, Slow I am, I must have misread the article. Now that my blood pressure has gone back to normal, I will go back for more coffee. Runtimes are still on the deprecated features list. Below is a link to the FIleMaker knowledge base with more читать больше on deprecated features.

I find it Ironic that now all FileMaker developers can develop runtimes, yet it’s still listed as “deprecated” and still getting minimal support with no replacement option that does all that узнать больше здесь might do with a runtime out there or as far as I know not on the road map. Filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download use I can still see, for Runtime creation.

If I have a product I want to sell, I can use a runtime version to create a demo for my potential customer to use building time limits into it. Can FMS deploy these files? My view is a “stripped” version to protect my “property” as the developer.

FMS can deploy a runtime such that FileMaker clients can open the file. This basically just takes a file with a different extension and hosts them like any other FMP file. You still need FileMaker to access the hosted run time file. I agree that “demo ware” remains an important use for run times and is something only partially possible without a run time. And the fact that more and more new features of FileMaker are not functional in run times means that the run times are becoming less able to serve as a source of Demo ware.

Runtimes are still necessary to sell a Filemaker application to users who cannot afford to buy the full version of Filemaker. Without the Runtime, there’s no way my application would be affordable to my users at all. Too bad there cannot be FileMaker App Store going already, with proceeds going to FileMaker developers, and some percentage going to FileMaker Inc to help their bottom line.

At least then, we filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download can win. Those who want to offer stand-alone runtimes for clients clients who cannot afford hundreds of dollars every year or two to get Приведу ссылку can still get runtimes.

And those who want to make general purpose stand-alone apps can sell them at the store, make a little profit, all the while promoting FileMaker as a robust developer environment. Could even have a section at the App Store for plug-ins, instructional content There are a lot of small businesses, individuals who do not need servers, or even elaborate solutions.

Filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download excellent it would be if we could count on having the affordable Runtime option, so we could continue to help them. If your customers can’t afford FileMaker you are on the wrong platform for application development. RT’s are dead end you are not doing anyone any favors selling them something based on frozen technology.

There are usually far more “little fish” than “big fish” in the see so FileMaker could regret a pricing structure that the “little fish” can’t afford. And many “little fish” as well as many a “pilot project” has been known to grow into quite a “big fish” in deed as time passes.

With all due respect FMI doesn’t care about the little fish nor should they. A 5 user minimum is the smallest fish they care about but at least now you can add fish one at time and not five.

If a customer can’t afford FileMaker I respect that just develop in a platform they can afford. Sure it might take you ten times longer but you can then price your product how ever you want and not have to play by FM’s rules.

You have to pay for the techology inherent in FM one way or another. FM has never been nor wants to be a platform for commerical stand alone application development there are plenty of tools out there already for that so if that is your business model great find the appropriate platform for that and build an awesome you clients can afford.

I think that the little fish subject is not limited to runtime. Until FM14 Filemaker used to be an affordable choice for thousands of clients or potential clients who now cannot afford Filemaker any more – due to the changes in licensing policy. This is indeed a damage for those users and for Filemaker developers who worked or could have worked for them. It is arguable how in the long term reducing the installed base could benefit the Company, but I guess they know it better.

Lemmtech, do you have any good suggestion for an alternative ‘appropriate platform’ for small fishes? Why would FileMaker care about those???? You are the only person who makes any money form that deal, not them so there is less in teh pot for application development surely? In fact if we are thinking biology terms here So I guess some of you are telling me to leave Filemaker I’ve spent almost an entire year working on my software, and those who are currently testing it are really liking it.

I am writing a small secretarial software for a dog sport, and these clubs don’t make money, they just want to put on a fun dog sport for people and their dog’s to enjoy. I’m адрес willing, at this time, to give up almost a year of my hard work. But Filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download will be looking into converting to a different platform in the future. When I started, before I really knew much about Filemaker, I didn’t know the Filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download would be depreciated Now I know.

Yep that’s it alright. This is not a mystery and should be obvious to anyone who uses the product. The fact that you and others chose build a solution on a platform your customers apparently can’t afford to get it full benefits is your issue not FileMaker’s. It’s filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download to all software developers to find the right tool to fit their business model and FileMaker is not going to be the right answer in all cases.

NONE of my customers care about filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download cost of FileMaker it starts at 50 cents a day per user and goes down from there.

I cost them more in a day then some of thier license agreements cost them in a year. They want amazing custom solutions built to run filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download business and will pay a lot of money for that and that is where FileMaker shines and is hard to beat and where I and FMI are going to spend all their time and effort. That’s awesome that you are looking at Xojo hopefully that platform will allow you to build your product and sell it at a price point your customers can afford.

I wish you the best of luck at being successful with that. None of us ever want to say “leave FileMaker”. However, there are times where it simply is not a fit. I think there may be ways for you to still use FileMaker, but it’s very hard if you aren’t making any money with it. Both Lemmtech and myself and I know several othershave gone down the road of looking at another platform.

The learning curve was in most case so much higher than FileMaker. The features were in my cases, not as robust. And in several cases, the cost was actually MORE. Even though the marketing was, “abandon FileMaker and their high costs”. There are many options if you are doing work for non-profits or no-revenue sectors. It’s tricky to service the latter with FileMaker, because there is a license cost. At least without making money in other sectors and donating the work and licenses for the no-revenue sector.

In many cases, the developers that went exploring have either all come back, or now have multiple tools in their toolbelt. That is really the key. Use what’s best for the filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download. Sometimes it’s FileMaker, sometimes it’s not.

That is totally fine!! It starts at 50 cents a day per user and goes down from there and that’s too expensive? Why would any company be interested in customers who can’t even afford that? Again people need to stop blaming FileMaker for wanting to make money and act like it’s their responsibility to give away their software. You don’t get mad at a hammer becasue it doesn’t do a good good job putting in a screw.

You need to find the find tool for any job. There are lots of alternatives for small fishes with no or low license fees 4D, Servoy, LAMP web based implementations. They all take a lot longer and are much harder to learn and maintain but you can price your product how ever you want. If you want rapid development relatively low learning curve full company support and ecosystem filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download of third party plugins etc.

If you dont’ or can’t afford that ok that’s fine then pick a different platform doesn’t offer those benefits and hence you don’t have to pay for it. Yep when 12 came out I had major meltdown lol! What a disaster that was!! I even went to their devcon and not FM’s that year. Yes I was warned filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download If you are in the business of custom software адрес страницы for businsesses and have customers that need that then FM is the BEST warts at all platform out there period.

If you want to build a software product that has Filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download branding on it and that you can sell indepentant of license fees and other financial restrictions then choose a different platform it’s really that simple but saying that FM is too expensive for what it’s capable of and all the support that comes with it behind it is ridiculous.

It may sound “snobbish”, and reading text, it may feel that way. But I know Lemmtech doesn’t mean any harm. So I can reassure you in that regard. It is true, there are scenarios where FM isn’t the best fit. Those cases, you use the tool that is best for the job. Is this your experience? I’d like to know more about the circumstances that lead to that. Overall, FileMaker hasn’t raised the actual cost of the product in a few version now.

There would be some added expense because of the difference between Concurrent Connections and Team licensing and User Licensing. Maybe you were just using hyperbole, but I wanted to verify.


Filemaker pro advanced 17 runtime free download


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