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Quickbooks desktop sub customer
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This is also known as the parent customer.

Quickbooks desktop sub customer


Brigette is a sub-customer of Bob Crenshaw. Furthermore, you cannot create a sub-customer for a lead. Attempting to do so will convert the lead into a customer. This opens a New Contact screen. Make sure the Customer option is selected under type of contact you wish to add. Out-of-the-box, Method:CRM treats sub-customers as a completely separate entity from its parent. When creating a new sub-customer, the address from the parent will not auto-fill.

The balance of the sub-customer is separate from the balance of the parent. Thus, you cannot bill with parent in Method:CRM. Furthermore, the balance for the sub-customer will not be added to the parent of the sub-customer. In QuickBooks, sub-customers are indented beneath their parent.

In Method:CRM, a sub-customer is listed separately. All Collections. You have the option to create sub-customers under your top-level customers also known as parent customers. This is useful if you want to track individual customers who are also part of a group or a large organization.

While you can have unlimited sub-customers, parent accounts can only have sub-customers up to four levels deep. Then add each sub-customer as follows:.

Note : If you need to change a sub-customer into a top-level customer in the future, simply edit the sub-customer’s profile and uncheck the Is a sub-customer checkbox.

When you edit customer information, the changes will be reflected in other areas of your company file including previously sent invoices. QuickBooks Online also updates any recurring templates that use previous information like billing, shipping, and email addresses, taxable status, and the preferred payment method and terms. To remove a customer, you can make them inactive which hides them from lists and menus.

Even if a customer is inactive, all their transactions will still be available on reports. Important : If you delete a parent customer, you also delete their sub-customers.

But, if the customer has a project attached, it can’t be made inactive. To make the customer inactive, delete any projects attached to the customer.

Note : If you see a transaction for an inactive customer, it displays as “Name deleted. If you have duplicate customers, you can merge their profiles. This deletes one profile and moves their existing data into the profile you want to keep.


Quickbooks desktop sub customer –

How to Create a Sub-Customer in Method:CRM 1. Select ⊕ New in the Contacts App or click ⊕ New Contact from your Contacts List. 2. This opens a New Contact screen. Make sure the . Start by clicking on customer menu and then click on Receive payment. Step 2. Now choose the customer by clicking on received from drop-down menu. Step 3. You need to . Oct 29,  · QuickBooks day free trial + 30% off for 12 months: ?cid=irp#pricing Creating Sub-Accounts in .


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